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Gopinath, a prayer of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura (bengali ; english lyrics)

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura

gopinatha, mama nivedana suna
visayi durjana, sada kama-rata, kichu nahi mora guna (1)

O Gopinatha, please hear my request. I am a wicked materialist, always addicted to worldly desires, and no good qualities do I possess.

gopinatha, amara bharasa tumi
tomara carane, lainu carana, tomara kinkara ami (2)

O Gopinatha, You are my only hope. Therefore I have taken shelter at Your lotus feet. I am Your servant.

gopinatha, kemane codhibe more
na jani bhakati, karme jada-mati, padechi samsara-ghore (3)

O Gopinatha, how will You purify me? I do not know what devotion is, and my materialistic mind is absorbed in fruitive work. I have fallen into this dark and perilous worldly existence.

gopinatha, sakali tomara maya
nahi mama bala, jnana sunirmala, svadhina nahe e kaya (4)

O Gopinatha, everything here is Your illusory energy. I have no strength or spiritual knowledge, and this body of mine is not independent or free from the control of material nature.

gopinatha, niyata carane sthana
mage e pamara, kadiya kadiya, karahe karuna dana (5)

O Gopinatha, this wicked soul, who is piteously weeping, begs for an eternal place at Your lotus feet. Please benedict him with Your mercy.

gopinatha, tumi to’ sakali para
durjane tarite, tomara cakati, ke ache papira ara (6)

O Gopinatha, You are able to do anything, and therefore You have the power to deliver all sinners. Is anyone more of a sinner than myself?

gopinatha, tumi krpa-paravara
jivera karane, asiya prapance, lila kaile su-vistara (7)

O Gopinatha, You are an endless ocean of mercy. Having come into this phenomenal
world, You display Your divine pastimes for the sake of the fallen souls.

gopinatha, ami ki dose dosi
asura sakala, paila carana, vinoda thakila basi’ (8)

O Gopinatha, I am so sinful that although all the demons attained Your lotus feet, Bhaktivinoda has remained in worldly existence.

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