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Three Reasons for Criticism

Three Reasons for Criticism

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What are the faults of a vaisnava which when discussed constitutes vaisnava-aparadha?
To discuss the faults that may arise by chance in a vaisnava is an offense. The main thing is that the discussion or even consideration of these faults in a vaisnava is an offense to the holy name, etc.
Casting false blame on a vaisnava and finding fault with a vaisnava for any of the following three reasons are offenses against the holy name:
1) Impurities that have come from the vaisnava past — prag-utpanna.
2) Impurities that are perishing — ksayavasista.
3) Impure activities that take place accidentally — daivotpanna.

Criticizing a vaisnava for these reasons prevents nama-sphurti, the appearance of the holy name in one’s heart, and keeps one from becoming a vaisnava.
(Vaisnava-ninda) – from Sajjana-tosani 5.5 by Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode

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